Below is a collection of testimonials from clients of thirtyfour audio. These are collected and compiled with mild editing for clarity.

Big thank yous to everyone who has submitted a review. It is very much appreciated.

Service: Wedding DJ

Message: Blaine was fantastic from start to finish; flexible, understanding and willing to work in a difficult environment at the venue. He is professional in keeping his word and personable as an emcee. He got the exact songs we wanted and helped us with ideas to suit our theme, and the quality of sound was great. We did not have to worry about DJ services at all. I highly recommend him!


Service: Live Sound

Message: I played in a cover band that gigged regularly and Blaine was our go-to sound technician. Not only was he early to every gig and prepared with any gear needed, he was a knowledgeable and friendly engineer to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone for any audio needs!


Service: Recording

Message: Blaine made the entire experience easy. From setting up microphones, tuning my own instruments for me, to reassuring me it was gonna turn out good. Thirtyfour Audio = good decision.


Service: Mix and Master

Message: I was referred to Blaine, at Thirtyfour Audio, for a mix/mastering of my original song. His audio instincts are incredible, services affordable, and he went the extra mile to ensure my finished product was exactly what I had envisioned. I look forward to working with him again.


Service: Recording, Mix, and Master

Message: Very well done. I will use you again.


Service: Wedding DJ

Message: Absolutely perfect. Could not have chosen a better DJ.


Service: Wedding DJ

Message: Blaine was great. Very good communication. Everything sounded wonderful. Our guests loved his song selection. Night went off without a hitch. Very easy to work with.


Service: Event Production - Mix and Record Live Show

Message: Couldn’t have done the show without you. Your expertise on our system exceeded our own, and the multitrack recording sounds incredible.


Service: Recording and Post-Production, Mix, and Master

Message: Dude, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. It sounds sooooo goooooood.


Service: Restoration

Message: Blaine did an amazing job fixing and cleaning a very damaged recording of my mother singing in a choir from 1958. I loved hearing her voice again. It sounded like she was right here with me.